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Horses / Bandage pads

Set - 4 bandage pads with Velcro fasteners size. L.

  • The Neoflexal bandage pads are characterized by high quality materials, an optimal fit and a stable seat on the horse's leg. With vertical seams and two / three strong Velcro fasteners, the bandaging pads can be fixed quickly and stably without additional bandaging. In order to be able to act on the complex blood circulation system and tendons, the magnets were incorporated, optimally adapted to the horse's leg.
    The high-end softshell as the outer material is very stable, easy to care for, does not pill and is abrasion-resistant. The filling consists of a light volume fleece and the inner layer of a mineral functional fabric.
    The bandage pads are suitable for work as well as for breaks due to their padding with volume fleece.
    This offer includes 2 pairs (4 pieces) in the sizes:
    4 pieces size L 35 x 45 cm (H x W)
    If you choose this set, you can also get size M for the front and size L for the back.